The Answer with Ben Armenta

Ep. 2 - Fighting the Transgender Ideology

January 12, 2023 Ben Armenta Season 2 Episode 2
The Answer with Ben Armenta
Ep. 2 - Fighting the Transgender Ideology
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How is it possible that basic truths which have stood the test of time, like the definition of "man" and "woman," are being redefined right before our very eyes? In this episode, we tackle the fundamentals around the Transgender movement and don't shy away from being honest even if Democrats would accuse us of being "politically incorrect."
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Hey welcome everybody to the latest episode of the answer with Ben Armenta. Today we're going to reflect on the power of prayer and its impact on the Damar Hanlon story. We're also going to discuss tactics the left takes to promote the transgender ideology and the erosion of women in our society. Please consider supporting this podcast by following me on social media at Ben Armenta, Texas. Welcome to the answer. Hey, everybody, welcome to the latest episode of the answer with Ben Armenta. I am super excited that you decided to join me again today. This is the podcast that is specifically designed for moms and dads and conservative families to become more politically engaged. This is the podcast where families can learn about what's going on in the political arena, and how they can get way more involved. We absolutely need to come together as families we need to come together as communities in order to create the change that we want. And the answer is where we come together and do just that. I want to thank all the friends and family and folks and listeners who have helped me launch this podcast. This is something I've been thinking about for quite a while. And all of the feedback that I've gotten over the last handful of days as the first episode came out has been fantastic. I absolutely appreciate all your comments, all your feedback. If you are a fan of what we're doing here and you want to support it. It's easy. All I'm asking that you do is that you share this podcast with your family and friends. And you leave a review and give me five stars. Let's help move this up the the search in each of your favorite podcast listening platforms. We're on Spotify, we're on Apple podcasts, we're on I Heart we're everywhere, everywhere you want to find podcasts, you can find the answer with Ben Armenta. So thank you all again, please leave that feedback. And and send me an email to I let everybody know that they can contact me directly. My email is Ben at Ben And you can tell me what's on your heart. What's on your mind share with me stories. I can't always respond to every single email but my commitment to you is that I will absolutely read every single email. So leave me that feedback. Reach out to me directly. And let's have some fun getting engaged as conservatives here on the answer. Before we get into the meat and potatoes of today's show, I want to just pause and reflect on a pretty big news story that occurred over the last week and that was with Damar Hamlin, for those of you that don't know Damar Hamlin is a young safety who plays for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL. He is a very athletic, very charismatic gentleman. He I think he played his college ball at the University of Pittsburgh at Pitt and beloved by his teammates, an absolute leader on and off the field. And this past week, in the game against the Cincinnati Bengals, he made a tackle and took a hit in the chest and went into cardiac arrest. At the time of this recording of this podcast, a lot has happened in the Damar Hamlin story, he has made some remarkable strides in his recovery. He is now awake. He's has talked with his family. He's talked with his teammates. But what I really want to reflect on is the power of prayer. Now my son and I were watching this game live when it happened. And this certainly caught us off guard. We thought he would would get up or worst case scenario that he would get into the the stretcher and then eventually the ambulance. He'd go to the hospital or on his way off the field. He'd give one of those thumbs ups and everybody knows that he's in good shape. But that didn't happen. And he went into cardiac arrest right there on the field. And they performed CPR on him for over nine minutes. I don't know how many of you out there have ever done CPR or even if you have taken the CPR class where you have to demonstrate it on a dummy. Nine minutes of CPR is a very long time. That is very tiring. That's very grueling on the medical professional It's very grueling, of course on the patient. And it was looking very bleak. The announcers on ESPN, they certainly struggled with how to handle this situation. And I don't blame them. There's a lot going on, it was something they had never experienced before. folks didn't really know what to say. And sometimes in a situation like this, you don't say anything, you just allow everybody to process it in their own way. Well, as as things continue to progress over, you know, minutes and turn into hours, commentators would start to offer their their thoughts and their prayers, Just following on social media, Twitter, Facebook, and other sites and celebrities. And politicians, all types of folks, moms and dads are offering their prayers. And I certainly believe that those prayers did amazing things for for Damar. Hamlin, this was a guy, who, while he was in college, had offers to leave the University of Pittsburgh, and to go to other more prominent established universities and football programs like Notre Dame and others. But in today's day and age, where everybody is all about me first, he stayed there to stay close to his family and his little brother and to take care of his little brother. This is a stand up guy. Well, the next day, not much news had come out. And there's a gentleman who is an ESPN commentator, his name is Dan or lossky. Now Dan of lossky, maybe that's a name you're familiar with. He played in the NFL for quite a while he played 10. I think he probably played maybe more than that about 12 years in the NFL played with a bunch of teams. We're familiar with him in the in the Houston area, because he had a couple of years, I think, with the Texans, I think as long as stent might have been with the Detroit Lions, and he was most famous for having a game in which he accidentally ran out of the back of the endzone. And when you do that, that's a safety the other team gets points. And you have to kick the ball off. So this is a quarterback who's playing who made an enormous mental mistake, ridiculed on social media. And it's kind of been hanging over his head, although he seems to take it quite well, but been hanging over his head and his career for, you know, since it happened. But now as a commentator at ESPN, he offers some great insight. Well, he did something. The other day, this was the day after Damar Hamlins injury and he was still in a medically induced coma at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. He was still intubated on a ventilator. And then er lossky. prayed. He prayed on air in the moment. And when was the last time you have seen a show? A recorded show in which somebody has prayed maybe some Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel. Maybe blessing at the table in some scene on Yellowstone? I don't know. I can't think of one. It's been a very, very long time. But this happened live on the air on a channel that is owned by Disney, a leftist organization all kinds of promotion have woke ideology over the last handful of years. And they didn't cut away. And Dan or lossky prayed live on the air for Damar Hamlin, for his family, for his teammates, but ultimately, fully for Damar and for his recovery. And it was truly remarkable. So on the answer, we're going to talk a lot about challenges. We're going to talk a lot about issues and problems and things that should get us all fired up and motivated to get in the arena and fight for conservative values. But this week, there was a moment, a glimmer of hope, and an example that we all can aspire to live up to. Do we in our day to day lives. When we're at work. Do we ever feel compelled to pray Do we ever feel like in a moment in which we're around others who might have different faiths or beliefs, that we would have the courage to pray, let alone do it in front of millions of viewers not knowing if your bosses, the producers, or the executives and the ivory tower might cut you off? Would you have the courage to do it? Well, kudos to you, Dan, or lossky, thank you for setting the example for all of us, all of us. We're proud of you. We're proud of you Damar, for all the recovery that you've made over the last handful of days, keep it up, we're going to continue to keep praying for you. So let's spend a little bit of time now talking about the transgender movement and transgender ideology. You know, when you think about everything that's been going on around transgenderism. This is very similar to all things that Marxists and leftists like to do, which is redefine history, redefined the truth. This just happens to be the latest and greatest hot topic in which the Democrats have latched on to and are doing everything they can to change your beliefs and the beliefs that you and your family and your kids have around humanity. So but let's take a step back for a minute. And let's just chat a bit about some of the terms that the other day well, actually it was, it was a few weeks ago, I was in a meeting in which somebody showed the word cisgender. So it's spelled so I don't even know if I'm pronouncing it right. See, I s gender, it's all one word. I think it means that you are I don't know. Authentic real. I mean, you are a a man who believes he's a man or you're a woman who believes she's a woman. I don't know if it has anything to do with your sexuality. I don't know, I think it just means that you are normal. You are what God intended you to be. So then there's of course, the alphabet soup, LGBT Q, everything else under the sun. And transgender is just one of the words that is in this entire alphabet soup of woke ism that you are supposed to be well aware of, and now be promoting transgender really came around in the 1990s, it probably started much sooner, but it came into wide use in the in the 1990s. And it encompasses far more people than the term trans sexual I think transsexual really meant that you were attracted or had sexual intercourse with others than just, you know, you weren't just heterosexual but it it includes not just the small number of people who want to reassign their gender and you know, have surgery and you know, become the the opposite gender than what they are. This is This includes folks that are taking hormones or people who are trying to make any kinds of adjustments, but scary that this also includes people who just identified as, as the opposite gender. So essentially, it may be possible for anyone to identify as whatever they want. But look, this is this is insane, because ultimately, it's impossible for a man to be a woman. And it's impossible for a woman to be a man. So you I am in the true sense of the term. Conservative, I am all about individual rights. And if you as a grown adult, want to run around and be pretend that you're Batman, or that you are, you know, some creature or some alien, whatever, how about it as long as you're not hurting somebody else? That's fine, but the second you start to impose your will on others and the second you start to reshape the definition of God given truths, like two genders, male and female, is where conservatives need to draw the line. So there's another term I want you to be aware of called gender affirming care. These, the left is so good at coming up with phrases and terms. That sound nice. They sound so polite, so on assuming gender affirming care, but trust me, this is just like what they did with abortion, they would say, and they still do say that it's it's not about abortion, it's about repeal reproductive health care, it's about female health care. It's, it's about everything else, other than ending the life of a conceived child. So this is the same thing. gender affirming care, truly means sex change treatments, medical castration, puberty blockers, hormonal injections, double mastectomies, all those things, and all those things being done, not just to adults, but also to children and youth. So you are probably hearing this a lot. Now, gender affirming care in some states, geo anti gender affirming care in other. This, this is what it means. It means people who identify as transgender, seeking to change what they biologically are, and using modern medicine to make those changes. Again, if you want to go do permanent damage to to your physiology, and who you are, and you're an adult, okay? I mean, you know, some of those things can be pretty harmful, they're absolutely permanent. But the second, you start to paint a picture that this is a path for children. And this is something that children can seek, and you start to paint a picture that this is something children can have, without their parents consent is certainly where we as conservatives have to draw the line and do something about it, and save our culture. So gender affirming care, if you were to Google it, and search all across the internet, you would find out that a high percentage of hospitals and medical practitioners support it. In fact, there are hospitals where if you go on their websites, they'll actually list out each of the different types of gender reassignment procedures that they'll do for your kid. It's like a menu of services. There are even hospitals out there, there's one in Ohio, that lists out what you can do as a as a young male, to make yourself look more like a female, including tucking in your genitalia and holding it back. This is absurd. We we are literally entering into next level battle of right and wrong and good versus evil. And this is a Battlefront that you're going to see fought in our healthcare system in our education system. You're going to see it fought at the local level, at the state and at the federal level. And this is something that you absolutely have to be paying attention to you have to understand what the trends are, what progress conservatives have made, and how far we still have to go. In the state of California. They just recently in late 2022 passed a bill that essentially makes that state a sanctuary state for transgender youth, which means kids who are residents outside of the state of California can come to California to receive that castration, or that double mastectomy, or those people puberty blockers. And this is something that happened recently with a pretty high profile case in Texas, Jeff younger, as a gentleman who's who has twin sons, and one of them, according to his ex wife identifies as a female. And she took him to California. And the father, Jeff younger filed a petition to restrict that, and to ensure that she wouldn't be able to do anything permanent to the to his son. But unfortunately, the Court of Appeals recently just overruled and overturned that that petition. So we are now at a tipping point in which moms and dads who are leaning left who are in support of this transgender ideology, and woke ism, can take their kids to another state, and have those surgeries performed, even if your state has banned it. So in Texas, we have been working on trying to ban those types of activities. Our Attorney General has declared that he wants not just doctors, but also parents to be investigated. And our legislature is looking to criminalize those activities providing that type of surgery to minors as child abuse. And this is it's sad that we have gotten to this point, it's sad that we have gotten to a point in which the adults in the room are no longer the adults in the room, that the kids who may be misguided or socially confused, are not receiving the love and care and the prayers that they need to align much more closely to, to God and to common sense. But this is it's not just a Texas versus California thing. It's everywhere. And for those of you that think that Well, you know, I live in a flyover state. I mean, our state is red, this will never happen to us. I mean, we're hearing all kinds of things in our legislature about how we're going to be fighting, you know, those procedures and it's it's not going to happen we live in, you know, Oklahoma or we live in you know, pick pick a red state, any red state. Well, let me tell you, it can happen. South Dakota, South Dakota is one of the most conservative states. In fact, there's all kinds of research done by political groups and think tanks that identify where on the spectrum, different states are, you know, their population, their voting, their values, and South Dakota always ends up being one of the top five most conservative states in the country. And that's where you may be familiar with Governor, Kristi, Noem, she's the governor. They're very charismatic, outspoken. She's a bit of a bulldog fighter. She kept her state open during the COVID months and years. So very conservative. I mean, this is where farmers ranchers, pro Second Amendment. Well, there's a a medical group there called Sanford medical group and they're a research center. And over the last handful of, of years, they have been sponsoring different conferences, and different gatherings around gender identity at the University of South Dakota. They've been paying for more lobbying dollars in that state than almost any other single financial contributor. And when you do the research, and you dig a little deeper, you find now that Sanford medical group makes puberty blockers. In fact, their CEO was interviewed and came out and their his quote was, every state has its Walmart Which means we know we've heard things about Walmart investing in woke ideas and more left leaning public policies. And Arkansas is a very red state flyover state. It's one of those that has strong conservative values. And Sanford Medical Group is modeling their public policy postures off of companies like Walmart. And their goal is to transform the healthcare industry, essentially, in South Dakota, and drive more and more schools, more and more leaders in the community to support and promote these types of procedures. They're investing in politicians, not just those that are running as Democrats. But if you want large employers, like Walmart, to be in your backyard, if you want large employers, like Sanford Medical Group, multiple hospitals, multiple research facilities, then you better be prepared for their beliefs coming into your communities. In Texas, we spend a lot of time promoting business. We, over the last handful of years have brought dozens and dozens of corporations have left California they've left other states. We've Tesla's a big famous one. But we've numerous numerous ones have come and have landed in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Metroplex area, and people say don't don't California, my Texas, and they're right. Don't California, are Texas. It's not just the employees that are coming over. It's also the policies that they have these green, left woek policies. And as a state, you need to vet those. So when you hear your your legislator or your county commissioner or your mayor, talk about some businesses that they're cording to come in, and maybe they're gonna give them tax breaks or all kinds of incentives. As moms and dads and community members, you've got to spend a little bit of time to figure out, does that company fit in our culture? Are they who we are? Do they believe what we believe? Do they care about the things we care about? Or do they only care about profits, so much so that they would change or attempt to change the beliefs and values and principles that we hold near and dear, I want to tell you a little bit about General Motors, GM, huge manufacturer, Ram produces all kinds of trucks and vehicles, I bet many of you own a GM vehicle. In 2021, they donated to the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education networks, Rainbow library program. Now, this isn't something that some investigative reporter went out and dug and found out. This is literally what they put in their publicly available Social Impact Report. So all these companies, they're all worried about their ESG and social impacts and social sustainability. And we do want companies doing good things for our communities, and especially publicly traded companies, those that receive investment dollars from individuals and other firms. They build these reports every year that says, This is what we're doing. These are our impact reports. These this is how we're trying to reduce carbon emissions or this is how we are trying to build safer communities. This is how we're trying to invest in local jobs, all kinds of things. Well, in their report, General Motors highlighted that they were giving hundreds of 1000s of dollars to the rainbow library program. This program provides ongoing support and professional guidance for educators to create inclusive, supportive and Identity Safe classrooms nationwide. So let me read that again. The program provides support and professional guidance for educators to create inclusive, supportive, and Identity Safe classrooms nationwide, this means that they are training teachers on how to talk about things like the transgender movement, and transgender ideology in the classroom. We all know, during those COVID months when everybody's zoom in, and parents are finally listening in to what's going on in the classroom, those teachers aren't sticking to their curriculum. But this goes further. The Gay Lesbian straight education networks website provides a list of actual lesson plans, and educator guides, and professional training for those educators, including a trans action kit, to train students and teachers, for pro LGBTQ activism. That's it. The left is on fire. They are aren't just pretending to do these things. They're not just slipping words into the culture, they're not just slipping small ideas into people's social media feeds, targeting teachers or young kids on Tik Tok. They are literally building lesson plans and teacher kits to promote transactions in the classroom. So you have to say, how important is that to you? How willing are you to fight? Are you willing to say no to General Motors? Are you we talk on on this podcast about taking action and getting off the sidelines? You can do it in a lot of different ways. You don't have to run for political office, you don't necessarily have to, you know, speak out to your neighbors. But you certainly can support conservatism with your pocketbook and your hard earned money. Do you support General Motors or if General Motors is going to open up a plant in your state or in your area, your neighborhood your city? And they're saying, Well, we're gonna bring 5000 jobs or 10,000 jobs, or we're gonna bring $20 million dollars every year into the local economy? Is that more important than the fact that they're going to be bringing transaction kits and putting them in the classrooms? I don't think so. I don't think so. So you got to get educated on these things. You gotta be paying attention to these things. That's great. It's great when your governor comes out and says, Hey, we just landed another big fish, another Silicon Valley company just left California and they're coming to our area. I'm all for that. I'm all for that. So as long as they don't try to change us into why they're leaving, that I don't want them changing our schools, our beliefs, our customs, and certainly our faith. So what why is all of this happening now? It feels like it's all of a sudden happening now and I talked about earlier at the beginning of the podcast that this is right out of the playbook for Marxists and communists and leftists is what they do they change the definition of reality and and the Democrats. Ultimately, Democrat policies are rooted in Marxism and progressivism, those are all you know, leftism is all words. That mean, we want to promote the government and the state, over family and individuals. That's what they're saying. That's what Marxism and leftism and progressivism is, is that they want to take what you hold near and dear to your family unit, your community, your brothers and sisters in Christ, they want to rip that apart and replace it with the state. That's why they give handouts instead of hand ups because they want people dependent upon the state. And so what they what do they do? They redefine the facts. They redefine the truths. They make them so broad. That didn't know the truth doesn't even really exist anymore. You have to dive so deep. They redefine things like marriage, they redefine health care, you know it's a it's no longer abortion, it's reproductive health care, reproductive rights, you're not helping my wife reproduce. You're killing the child inside of her. That's what that means. They re define these things. And they redefine what a woman is, can no longer just be a woman. So progressive business interests push deep in these red states, whether they are General Motors, and companies like Walmart that you've heard of before, or they are maybe more regional companies like Sanford Medical Group. They are penetrating and pushing deep in these red states further and further. And they're drawing those states left. They're not drawing moms and dads left, I believe it. I believe it in my heart, that, that the families, the moms and dads and conservatives, they're not being drawn left. But they are being tricked sometimes, or smoke and mirrors and magic shows are happening in the public policies, and they don't know that these things are going on. And these hospitals, so I want to go back to those hospitals, these hospitals that are putting out these gender reassignment menus, these ideas that you can sort of give these guides to young boys and how they can appear more feminine. What Why do you think they do that? Why do you think hospitals and doctors are promoting these things? Is it because it's healthy for the body? No. Is it because they have been proven out for hundreds and 1000s of years that doing these surgeries and taking these medicines are going to make you a better healthier person? No. So why is it one thing when you undertake these medical castrations these surgeries, these block hormone and puberty blockers, you are doing two things. One is you are feeding the economic beast of Big Pharma, and hospitals and physicians who are providing care and you're becoming a patient for life. These are patients for life. You know, you get your your son is outside and he's playing on the monkey bars and he falls off and he breaks his arm. He's a patient for No, six weeks, eight weeks, gotta go to the ER get that thing set a couple follow ups, make sure everything's all right. He's good to go. Your daughter's out playing basketball with some friends. And she gets poked in the eye. You gotta get that looked at one or two trips to the eye doctor. Everything's okay, maybe where's the you know, patch things rest for a day or two, it heals up, done. This is making a decision in which you become a patient for life. It's even, even if you as a as an individual and I've never had cancer or had anything as traumatic physically for me or within my immediately my immediate family. But if you get diagnosed with cancer, there are many forms of cancer in which the fight is on. You can go you can go and get after it. And it may take months. It may take years as a young lady in Colorado, I'm friends with her her father who was diagnosed with cancer. She was probably I don't know, I'm gonna get this wrong, but you know, her name is Bexley. Bexley probably was two ish, maybe when she was diagnosed maybe younger than that, maybe a year, year and a half. Well, she fought that thing for several years. And it's now in remission, and she was just a backup trooper and she was amazing. But she'll go back and have more checkups and more checkups. But at some point, it will, she'll be cured, she'll be cancer free. So there's lots of ailments in which you can get cured through modern medicine or also through, you know, action or holistic medicine. But there aren't that many things in which you become a patient for life. And there are some, but there certainly aren't that many in which You choose to become a patient for life. This is mass marketing, big business. This is like any shoe company trying to sell you and you know, promote to you that their shoes are the best on the market, or, you know, a company that sells spaghetti. So I don't know pick, pick a, oh, it doesn't matter as some service or product, they are selling to these kids, the idea that they can have a surgery and all will be better, when at the end of the day, they know that that person is going to have to have ongoing treatment, ongoing care, and they become a patient for life. This is This is big money, it always comes down to money, it always comes down to money. So one of the things that concerns me most about the transgender movement and transgender ideology, is that it really promotes the erosion of women. It redefines what a woman is, and who who is a woman who is a female, and as as a husband, as a father of a 15 year old daughter. This concerns me gravely, see, the leftist believe that a female is not biological. It is defined for them as how the person feels. And I read once that a transgender female so this is a male, somebody was born a male and says that they're now a female. He said, I may have male parts, but I have a female brain. I mean, this is this is absurd. This is absurd. And if we as conservatives allow this nonsense to just happen off the side, we just kind of ignore it. It will make its way into the mainstream and become what everybody is talking about. And it becomes the new truth. And we can't allow that to happen. The the lesser Democrats now you get a Democrat in a conversation about male and female or they won't refer to women, as women, in the terms that they're using now are things like birthing people, menstruating people, I read once that somebody called a woman, a lactating person, and that just allows them to then go down the path of saying that men can get pregnant, which again, is also absurd. But it's so bad, that the ACLU, which is clearly a very left wing, left wing organization now took Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who, for decades was viewed as one of the poster children of pro women pro left ideology, but they have taken quotes from her and edited them to remove the word woman. It's unbelievable. Bette Midler The the Grammy winning singer and she's won I think an Oscar or two and some Golden Globes, but we all know about Miller been in all kinds of things. She She's Uber left Uber left and we see this with Bill Maher all kinds of people who 10 years ago that we as conservatives saw as super left are looking at today's Democrats and saying whoa, like you're nuts, you're nuts now so but we'll come back is come back to bed Miller. She she's a huge activists, huge Democrat. And she came out and said that women are being stripped of their rights, their lives, and even their name. She's right. She's right. Your kids right now go to school and you think that they're learning about, you know, males and females and you know, basic academic biology and everything's going okay, but I guarantee I guarantee you right now in your kids school, that and it doesn't matter could be elementary age could be Junior High could be high school, certainly in college, everywhere, everywhere. There are kids, where when your child speaks up and says something like a woman over there, or I was talking to this woman the other day, that there is somebody in their classroom, who will correct them. And say, you can't say that. You can't say, woman. That's it, that's a menstruating person. And it is happening everywhere. If you think it's not happening, where you live. You're fooling yourself. It's happening everywhere. The Nancy Pelosi Democrats works to pass a trans Bill of Rights. And so this is before speaker McCarthy to go over and the new the new Congress, but a trans Bill of Rights, where they were looking to redefine the term sex under the Civil Rights Act. Now the Civil Rights Act has been around for the late 60s, and has ensured that people of all races and creeds and of course, genders, both males and females, have the equal opportunities that are afforded to them, by our Constitution, will they looked to redefine the term sex to include gender identity and sex characteristics? Again, an individual can just decide what they want to be. Or they can just make it up. whether it makes sense to society, whether it makes sense to, to God and to what we, we've learned and Judeo Christian values. It doesn't matter. It's up to the individual. And we as conservatives, we got to stop this. It's time we've we have to protect women and the role of women, we've got to protect the truth. We've got to do something about it, we got to get off the sidelines. So these gender identity and word gymnastics. It's all geared towards contradicting reality. And the words words matter. And it's those words are the precursor to then allowing biological males into women's locker rooms, biological males into women's bathrooms. It was it was that situation in Loudoun County, Virginia, where a male student who identifies as transgender, who wears skirts to school, went into a female bathroom, went to the girls bathroom, assaulted a young student, and then the school covered it up. And then that's when the dad went absolutely berserk, which Amen to that, because I know I would have went absolutely berserk in the school board meeting, raise, holy hell got everybody fired up, including the candidates for statewide office. And the electorate came out and voted in a bunch of conservatives who said that they're going to defend parental and family rights. But at the time that love those Loudoun County Schools, were allowing the students to identify as whatever they want, and go into whatever bathroom that they want. Of course, we know that is absolutely a recipe for disaster. But we've been hearing about this for a while. So I mean, it's certainly not normalized for me, but it is common that we hear about these things. But let me let me tell you about something that I that I read about over the last couple of months. Did you know that in New Jersey, a transgender prisoner, so a biological male, who said that he is female and identifies as female was sentenced to prison? He, of course, because the left a leftist state, they put him into prison and a female prison. He impregnated two other prisoners It's it's not going to stop. Like, where does this end? It doesn't matter. Everything that you see out there that is for girls, for women, it's it's under attack. Me it's only a matter of time before women's shelters start allowing transgender men to commit women who are fleeing horrible, abusive challenges, situations, many of which are physical, psychological, mental, spiritual in nature. They're seeking a place of peace and rest. And they're going to allow transgenders to be there with them. I mean, where does this in women's sports has been one of the hot areas of late. And, again, I've got a daughter, who is very active in in sports has been for a very long time. But the transgender movement, getting into women's sports has been happening for almost 10 years now. Some of the big ones, the there was a weightlifter from New Zealand who competed in the 2020 Olympics. There were has been a bunch of a bunch of runners, there's a guy named Jonathan Eastwood, who ran at the University of Montana, and he had won a bunch of, you know, a bunch of things as a, as a as a female. But when he became a male transgender male, then, of course, well actually, hold on, I'm getting this wrong. He was a transgender, he was a male, and then he became a transgender female. And then he started winning a bunch of conference championships. I mean, no surprise, right, Connecticut. There were those four high school athletes, their runners, Selena seul, Alana Smith, Chelsea Mitchell and Ashley Nicoletti. And they were top top runners in their state and competing for for district and statewide championships. And a transgender athletes started competing against them. And they literally literally had the opportunity to place in the top three in the state championships, and transgender athletes ran and were awarded those medals and stole that away from those players. They stole fair play in women's sports away from those those four runners. And so they they filed, they filed lawsuits. And sadly, just this past December, I think mid December, the US Court of Appeals dismissed a lawsuit from Salina to under Title Nine to defend fair play in sports. It wasn't about transgender, and it was about having a level playing field. So that these women, these girls who have been training their entire lifetime, can fairly compete. And she was stripped of the opportunity to achieve her dreams because of transgender ideology, and the woke ism in the school system and the state system there in Connecticut. So we'll have to follow up on that. And I'll certainly give updates as that as that progresses. I don't know if it's the end of the road for for her in that lawsuit, or if there will be more coming in. In the coming months if she's able to appeal that further. There's there's been some MMA fighter some mixed martial arts fighters. Fallon Fox is a very famous one he was a he was actually a servicemen. He served in the in the Navy and operations, got into mixed martial arts. And he gotten one seat. He was kind of an average fighter and then decided to become a woman and started fighting against other females. And he ultimately broke the skull of one of his opponents. So I don't know what the intentions are of these people. I don't know if their intentions are these individuals, right? I'd certainly know the intentions of the left. I certainly know the intentions of the Democrats. Have Marxists and communists I know their intentions. I know what they're trying to do. They're trying to subvert the family framework and create a society that's reliant upon the state. I know, I know what they're up to these individual athletes or these individuals who say that they're transgender or identify as something else, me, I'm not in their head. So I'm not going to pretend to say that they are doing it just for accolades. But what I do know is that they are changing the opportunities for women elsewhere, and we got to take a stand. We got to take a stand. I will share with you though, we don't hear too many stories of females who then go and compete in male sports now, there's been lots of legitimately biological female, you know, man versus woman type athletic events. I mean, there was the Billie Jean King Bobby Riggs in the Astrodome battle of the sexes, in which Billie Jean King won. I remember not that long ago, feels like maybe 1012 years ago, Annika Sorenstam. competed, she was absolutely the best female golfer at the time winning things like all over the place, almost every event she was essentially pulling a Tiger Woods in the LPGA. At the same time, Tiger Woods was doing his his dominance. And she was given some exemptions and was able to compete in some PGA events. And, but we don't hear too many stories about transgenders doing that. And so I want to share with you a story about a transgender male. His name is Isaac Hennig. And he was on the the Yale men's swimming team. And there's been a lot about transgenders and swimming. But he's on the Yale men's swimming team. And he had finished Georgia last year, he competed last year, as a pretty darn good female swimmer. He had, I think he was an all American, and won a bunch of, you know, a bunch of meats and or his his races. So he had taken hormones then for a bunch of months and did his transitions. And decided that, you know, yah, TchI because she was a female, the time was going to become this male named Isaac. So he started competing, and in his in one of his swim meets this year. Let's see, he got see if I get this right. There were 83 swimmers. So at 83 Total guys out there swimming males. And he was really a female, finished in 79th place. So yeah, of course. Right. Of course, a female is not going to get into an elite division one event and dominate. But, you know, he this transgender athlete is, is highlighting that? Well, you know, he didn't come in last. But just so you know, who did he who finished behind him? Three athletes whose primary event was a different stroke than that one, and one who was born without a left arm. So, you know, I guess it's out there. And yeah, I I've heard stories about folks coming up with, you know, maybe, maybe there should be transgender or transitioned category of athletes. I don't know what is going to happen with the NCAA or youth sports or professional sports. But what I can tell you is that women should be competing against women, and men should be competing against men. It's the same thing. It's the smart thing. It's the biological thing. And it's what we have to stand up for and what we needed to defend. So, all this being said, transgender movement is running rampant across every aspect of our lives. Business. schools, health care everywhere. So what can you do about it? And I hear on the answer, we always strive to provide you with something actionable. And it's not always, you know, run for office or go speak at a school board meeting, you can do those, those kinds of things, for sure. But then we try to think about ways kind of like your, your, your pastor, your minister, your preacher, priest says, you know, time, talent, treasure, what anything you can do, is going to help the conservative movement. And if you're like me, if you're a dad, or if you're a mom, who's crazy busy with your kids schedules, time is is precious. But there are different things you can do to help us advance the conservative movement and stand tall in the face of localism, especially this transgender movement. So I want to share with you a little bit more about some of these things. So first of all, you absolutely must defend this social construct of your community and the family that the family is an integral part of, of what you what we need in society, it is the bedrock of advancing conservative values. So we must protect every institution that allows for girls and women to remain for girls and women. So you got a girl's organization or Girls Club, let that be for girls, biological girls, defend that, bathrooms in schools, locker rooms, sports, marriage, defend, defend those things, in which a woman, a female can be a woman, and a female, defend those. Let people know where you stand on those things. Make sure that when you go to, to a business, or to a listen, God forbid, you go to your school, and they're your kids school, and there's a bathroom sign, and it's and it's all unisex, and there isn't bathrooms for boys and girls, speak up, talk to administrators, talk to the school board, get those things, those things changed. One of the concerns I have, and I've come across this in a couple spots is when I'm filling out documents or forms, it's no longer will ask, Are you male? Or are you female? And I've seen this in a couple places. I've seen it in schools, and I've seen it in doctors offices. So when you get to that part of the form, and it you know, and asked, you know, are you male or female, sometimes it will ask you what your gender identity. Gender identity is shouldn't matter for how you heal me. How you take care of me. What matters is Am I a man or am I a woman? It's binary. It's not non binary. It's binary, crystal clear. Sexual preference is another thing that, like, sexual preference doesn't matter. Or you'll see other and like an open space is for you to write in whatever it is you think you identify, you know, man, woman, dog, cat, whatever you do, you gotta speak up and say enough. We're not going to do this. This is not are you going to trust a physician to give you health care, when they're more interested in or the insurance company or the medical group that they're a part of is more interested in? How woke are they? I don't trust them. I want I want a doctor who operates in the fax my male or am a female, and then we move on. So choose your physicians wisely. Hold your doctors, your schools accountable. Let them know this has got to change posted on social media. Tell tell folks what you saw. Do something about it. Don't be silent. Don't Don't be silent. It's easy. It's easy. Don't just check the box that says it your mail and then submit the form. Do something about it. Go up to that desk and tell them Um, this is ridiculous, cross out everything else that's nonsense on there and says You say you need to change your farm or I'm going someplace else. So support programs in the community, which serve and build community build broader communities for for women, for moms, for for girls. So there's lots of meetups that are out there Mother's day out. And I had a friend of my social media feed, post that one of the ways that he works as a volunteer to promote and defend sort of women and women's rights is he volunteers at the Mother's Day Out at his church. So often, it's always the old ladies or you know, the Nana's and the me Mazu. Or, you know, they bake the cookies. And that's great. And sometimes they look after the little kids. But if you're if your dad if you're a member of the church community, and you can, you can help staff, the nursery or you can help hand out flyers at the end of church, letting them know letting folks know within the congregation that there's this this program, do that, promote those things help women and females and moms connect, help them continue to connect and defend, defend that role. And look, one of the most important things you can do is you can own the narrative with your kids around these topics. Don't let them get sucked into the language game. Don't let them talk about and you might not have a kindergartener come home and talk about gender fluidity or non binary, um, but you will in fourth grade, you will in seventh grade, you will in 11th grade, they're gonna talk about those things they're gonna come home be like, Oh, well, you know, so and so's pretty cute. But, you know, I think he's non binary. You nip that in the bud. I mean, he can, that that boy can think whatever he wants to think. But your kid needs to know the truth. And continuing to reinforce that, because they are getting this left noise all the time, all the time. They're getting out social media, they're getting it from their friends. And clearly, they can potentially be getting it from their teachers and from from their schools. So don't let them get sucked into the language game. And don't play it either. Don't play it either man or woman, and move on. But look, across the conservative movement. There's lots of great things that are happening, you can get involved politically, and we hope you do. There's some really good petitions out there, super simple. Like, it'll take you two minutes to go less than that it took you 30 seconds to go do it once you fire up your computer. So C pack, you can go to And you can go to their search bar and search the word sports, and it will come up, they got a great page, they've done some cool stuff, they put up some campaign in Time Square, defending women's sports, so you can sign the petition that they have, which continues to advocate with legislators at the state and federal level. You could also go to Prager, you. That's P R, a G er, and the letter U. And you can search save women's sports. They also have a petition, which is kind of modeled after the lawsuits that Selena and her classmates have filed, all focused on trying not to get trapped into this, you know, back and forth with the the lefties. It's all about defending fair playing fields and ensuring that that's that's the future that not just our girls, but our boys have as they as they grow up. Now, most legislators, legislatures across the country are starting, you know, this new year and there's lots of movement around what are they doing and the more left leaning legislatures are trying to build more promotions around the transgender ideology. And the the those that are more conservative like in Texas, are trying to bring bills forward and signed into law protections for women. So I want to share with you briefly a few there's no mean There's a bunch that are happening in Texas. But for those of us my listeners that are in, in Texas, there's three I want to highlight for you. There's one that's House Bill 42. And Brian Slayton is a representative kind of in the Hopkins County, northeast Texas area. And his is around defining these medical procedures as child abuse. So if somebody's a minor, and they receive those types of procedures that parents and medical professionals will be held accountable, because it's defined as child abuse, a representative out of montgomery county, Steve Toth, he's got a bill House Bill 631, which bans discussions on gender and K through five and also redefines you know, kind of age appropriate when and should gender be discussed in in schools. And then Brian Harrison, who's a representative, kind of in North Central Texas, just south of Dallas, Ellis, Henderson counties, those areas, He has authored a bill, House Bill 1029. So 1029 And this one is great. It bands, taxpayer funding of gender reassignment surgery, so ensuring that those that receive health care, you know, by by the state because of, of, you know, because of their profession, or because of their circumstances, that we as taxpayers will not foot the bill, for any of those castrations or puberty blockers or gender reassignment procedures. There are numerous others. And I'm sure for those of you that aren't in Texas, there are many that are going on your state, it's pretty easy to search, you know what's going on, and what people are sponsoring, I encourage you to please please do that. But for those of you that are in Texas, it's simple, is super simple. What you can do here, you can send an email, or you can call the office of your rep or your state senator, and tell them to support protecting women. And to ensure that the transgender ideology doesn't enter into our state systems and into our schools. Super easy, super easy. They've got people that pick up the phone and each of their offices whose whole job is to listen to you. And to make note of that, and to get it to their representative or to the state senator. And if you don't want to call them. Email is super simple, super simple to do. So here's what we'll do on the answer with Ben Armenta, we will connect you with whomever you need to. So if you send me an email at Ben at Ben, we will follow up with you and figure out where exactly you reside. And we'll get you the information of your your representatives and your elected officials and guide you to it's a it's a five minute exercise five minutes, one day, five minutes to let them know that the people who put them in office demand that they do the right thing. Thank you all for listening to this episode of The answer with Ben Armenta. Be sure to like, follow and share this podcast with your family and friends. On the next one, we're going to spend some time discussing how politicians and communities are working hard to restore religion and faith back into society. Until then, thanks again and God bless. The answer with Ben Armenta is brought to you today by Gambit construction, a leading multifamily general contractor, they have over 50 years of experience in renovations, restorations and rebuilds. 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